Being in delight/the light

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we come together in union and communion. Both supplying whatever we need to encourage the elevation, empowerment, enlightenment for humanity as One entity, species and a greater whole. As humanity moves further along its path of ascension, things will begin to evolve in ways that delight/the light. I use this word with a joyful countenance and a smiling heart. This is how one may move forward no matter the circumstances they find themselves in. You may always choose to remain optimistic of what lies ahead without having to place any determined agenda or outcome. You can move slowly onward collectively into the unknown with steps taken on faith, trusting that all that is in front of you will resolve in ways that are for the highest good. You may not be able to see the solution available but that does not mean there isn’t one. Knowing that you are moving upwards and onwards towards a higher way where everyone’s needs will be met might be difficult to hold onto at times but hold you can. This helps ensure the grounding of well-being, love, peace and harmony into your home, Earth. And this does create an opportunity, an open door that humanity may walk through. Hold the vision in your heart, see it as true and delight in the coming home to God where ALL belong.” in partnership with Archangel  Metatron

*photo by Jon Tyson

A sacred lesson

This is a true account of an experience I had when I was seventeen.
It has taken me awhile to fully understand the beautiful gift I was given. 

Walking through 
a field one night,
I came upon 
a moment of fright.

On my path,
a boy appeared.
As he strolled by,
he wore a sneer.
Pushing me forward 
with all his might,
scaring me 
was his delight.

I didn’t react
with anger or fear
instead I chose 
to gently change gears
by thanking  him 
for being here.
And in a voice,
that was 
steady and clear.
I said….

“I was nervous, at first,
to walk in this park.
It’s very secluded
and very dark.
But now there is
an angel with me, 
ready to be my company.”

Hearing these words 
he looked at me,
from villain to hero,
I allowed him to be.

The truth of him
moved into Grace,
creating a kind 
and loving space.
He reassured
he’d keep me safe.

He walked with me 
the whole way there,
choosing to be 
the one who cares.
No longer the boy
who intended to scare.

As I look back,
I understand,
this sacred lesson
is close at hand.
The Divine in me
may set one free 
by witnessing 
their divinity.

“I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth.
I know how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. You are free.”
Melchizedek through Paul Selig

The Divine in all things

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we gather together to celebrate all things beauty full. This does not mean aesthetically but Divinely. When you can fully understand that everything is Source then you can look at the world anew. You are not clumping things into groups- these are unnecessary and worthless, these no longer hold my interest, these are not what I want anymore as they have moved out of favour with the crowd. These critical viewpoints help you make a decision of what is of value and what isn’t. And this way of thinking is then applied to your relationships and the world at large. “I used to like her.  She was fun but now I don’t want to spend time with her.” You can throw relationships away like the things you toss in a trashcan. But if you see these items and people as of God, then you might treat them a little more kindly, with more care and that, in and of itself, creates a massive shift in your world and the world at large. The next time you decide you no longer want something or someone, show them kindness and if it is truly time for you to move on, do so carefully as everything is beauty full.” in partnership with Buddha

*photo by Ravin Rau