Loving yourself

As children, my sister and I would head downstairs to dress up in mom’s beautiful negligees and our plastic princess shoes. We would sing along and dance to Dionne Warwick’s “What the world needs now is love”. At eight, I knew that love is all anyone ever truly needed. It took another 58 years to fully realize, it is our own love that is so necessary to our well-being. 


Tightly wrap your arms 
around yourself.
your embrace.
It is your love
you crave. 
It is yours to give 
and to receive.

A child plays
within your heart,
curious to see
around the next corner.
Close your eyes,
embrace this child.
Cherish them.
Encourage them
to run free,
to be in wonder,
to express
and to embrace ALL.

Peace, Love and Unity

With each passing day, the illusions of separation within ourselves and the world are seen and felt. Being in peace and allowing ALL to “be as they are” enables access to love, unconditional acceptance. Love moves us into Oneness, within and without. We become whole, free and in union with Source.

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“I am here with you now. Feel within, this beautiful, perfect energy of Oneness. Unity from within embraces the unity without – combining and becoming All That Is. Today, look within and feel all that you are. Embrace all that you are for as you do, all can move back into wholeness. This complete acceptance of every aspect, every molecule, every cell, every thought and every life, allows you to just “be”. There is no resistance, push back, but instead complete embrace/love as to the truth of who you are. This perfection of self, enables you to live from a place of authenticity, true expression without the limitations you were taught to place upon yourself. You are not here to make anyone happy, you are not here to accomplish anything and you are not here to torture yourself over perceived flaws that are not real. You are here to experience and express, to learn and to grow/expand. These simple yet complex roles are challenging for one who has been deemed limited. Now is the time to untie these self-imposed tethers and be free. To spread your wings and fly.” in partnership with God

*photo by Zulian Firmansyah


I am in God, of God and with God. 
I witness the Divine in ALL.
I align to peace, love, compassion and tolerance. 
My heart is open and my thoughts, gentle.
I hold a vision of unity and pray for the highest good of all. 🙏

“I know who you are in truth.
 I know what you are in truth. 
 I know how you serve in truth. 
 You are free. You are free. You are free.”    
       Melchizedek through Paul Selig