The breath of ONE

With each breath we rise higher

With each breath we come closer

With each breath we expand wider

With each breath we shine brighter

Wth each breath we love greater

With each breath we become ONE.

 The breath of ONE, the God breath, the Heart breath… We are this perfect inhale and exhale that fuels everything. That raises us higher and higher, closer and closer to Source as we breathe in this gift of love. It is available to us, wherever we stand, our breath brings us home. The heart lights the way. 

As we move into the energies of 2021, I connect my heart with the heart of Gaia, the heart of God and the heart of humanity.  

As ONE, we breathe in love, we breathe out love.

Wishing you a year of well-being, love, peace, joy and abundance. May you receive all that is for your highest and best.

May we move into our sovereignty with grace & ease and build a world that benefits ALL.

Exploring the new terrain

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear One, you come today in sisterhood and brotherhood, in the times we live in, where the advancement of humanity and the reckoning of the past joins and becomes the road forward. As structures & infrastructure shake free, fall away and leave this world, the new is laid, paved with the intention of Unity, kindness, love & abundance. You are witnessing this world action and although there is still much to be seen, released, forgiven, and healed, much has already done so. Acknowledge all the many roads that have been paved with the new so that you can follow these  intersections, bridges and many routes around your country and the world. You can navigate this next year in the unknown, travelling, exploring this new terrain and you can build whatever you would like to see, to experience, to gift. This is your year to create the life of enjoyment-why you came-to celebrate all the beautiful seeds that are being planted and then to reap the harvest in each moment. This year will lead you all forward, you are the lights lighting the way because you have learned to trust that what you see before you is of God and that gift of divine sight will allow many to take comfort and have faith that we together, can build the life where all are in consort with the Holy of Holies, our mother/father, the heart of One. Bring to you all that you need, rest in trust that all will be given, know that every opportunity is advancement/expansion and celebrate the time of beginnings, of revelations, of love and of light. We are here, we are free, we have come.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Dan Meyers

Singing together

“Today’s message is about a beautiful symphony, a harmony. You are each a part of this precious music that is always playing, harmonizing, building and falling but ever present as the song of God. You each carry within you the tone that is unique to your being and this tone adds breath and depth to the harmonic overtures in every dimension and in all time. This is what expands the Universe and allows each note to find its resonance, its home in the moment of existence. As the notes that you are rise and fall, new experiences and opportunities are brought to you through your resonance. And when you are in harmony, with the God song, Grace flows to you and mirrors this music of Divine majesty. Harmony supports the coming together of all people, the notes are played, ringing out peace and love. Joy of the Oneness is felt and experienced. Harmony allows you to be free to sing out your expression and to dance any dance you like. It celebrates all tones, supports all keys, recognizes all melodies and blends them all together. The result, a beautiful symphony of the Divine.” 

Heart vision

soften your gaze


we are beauty full

soften your gaze


we are worthy

soften your gaze


we are perfect

soften your gaze


we are Divine beings

soften your gaze


we are ONE

Through harsh eyes, we see harshly. When we soften our gaze, what we see transforms. Through the heart’s gentle and loving focus, we look with eyes that see… everything is of God. 

*photo by Luca Campioni

Vine of humanity

We are the tangled vine of humanity.

Wild and free.

Singular plurality.

Each leaf adding to the richness, fullness 

and beauty of the whole.

Vibrant green, growing, flourishing, 

bearing flowering fruit, 

to offer up as gifts.

Watch us gently cover the world 

as we blanket Mother Earth in love.

Our journey inwards

Go within

to your heart’s chambers.

Walk through the doorways, to freedom,

open expanses, Divine landscapes.

Go within.

Soar in your mind’s limitless potential.

Go within.

Float in God’s Grace.

Go within.


You are the gift of Love.

“Let’s explore the qualities we use when we love. Love is an all encompassing feeling but it can be broken down into the beautiful qualities we use to move us into this feeling. When we see others with eyes that reflect compassion & kindness, when we can see the God in each fellow human being and when we can accept them with open arms- that is love. That is when we can feel love that we can share and celebrate with each other. It is not possessive or conditional. It does not explain or ask anything of the other. It just exists, surrounding yourself and all that you come into contact with, like a mist from heaven. It permeates and feeds the heart with a fuel that fans your Divine spark/flame. And it is yours to give and receive. 

  Each day allow yourself to honour that part of you that shows up with these qualities no matter what you are experiencing. Allow yourself to spread this beautiful birthright, this heavenly mist…love.” in partnership with Yeshua, May 20, 2020

*photo by Simon Migaj