A gift of healing energy

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today there is a special energy that will be available for all that are open to receive it. It is yours to accept if chosen and it will help support your movement forward. It is a gentle, healing energy. You can visualize it as swirling around you- soft green, yellow, white and purple. Allow it to bathe and wash away the old, useless residue of past experience so that you may be refreshed and renewed. Allow this gift to settle in your field so that it can continue its healing  for days or until you are fully released of the old and unnecessary. Be aware of what comes up into your consciousness and allow it to leave. Try not to hold on. Imagine a car wash, the energies are the soap and water and you are the car. Afterwards, you will gleam and shine.”   in partnership with Archangel Michael 

*photo by Zulfahmi Khani

Surrender, allow, know

If you are feeling a little sad or a little lost, may this beautiful message from Yeshua fill you with love. I offer it from my heart to yours. 

“May I remind you of how loved you all are. As you serve so are you served.* Every blessing you offer is returned. Every gesture of kindness and care is held within your field, your records, and you are rewarded. Not as how you are on Earth. There are no accolades, gold stars and  prizes. You are rewarded by growth, expansion, wisdom and knowing that you are a conduit of God. The more you surrender, the more Source can use you. The sadness you feel is of surrender. You keep trying to figure out what you “should” do and that no longer resonates, motivates. It is only in “knowing” that you feel comfortable now and when you don’t know, your mind tells you, you are lost. It is untrue. You are meant to just be present and to allow yourself whatever you wish. No demands, just allowance. Keep bringing your mind back into the present, feel where you are, bathe in the energies and allow integration to continue without resistance. Let go of the “should’s”. Be easy on yourself. Love yourself back into wholeness.” in partnership with Yeshua

*there is a saying…”ask to serve and not be served”. I found it interesting that in this message as we serve, we too are blessed.🙏

Our Tree partners

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we stand before you tall and proud, for we are bringing our message/wisdom to you. We thank you for calling on us and we are here, both in presence and stature to gift the world our way. We stand for courage, truth, God’s plan and the protection of the environment/Earth. We stay in balance and we breathe our essence into the world so that you can breathe and learn balance, harmony and truth – the ways to live together and to respect all beings, all life. We ground/root/anchor in these life-sustaining energies that are being sent and created through your evolution. We work alongside you. We are not just something to look at and appreciate. We are your partners, as we are all “life”. When seen as such, we could work miracles together. We can heal each other, teach each other and share the gifts that each one has to offer. But first, humanity must acknowledge our role, support us and protect us. It is paramount that balance, care, respect is given to your environment. Once you see us as partners, we can then create a world sustainable, abundant, beauty full and in harmony/balance. From there, the environment will begin to look after you.” in partnership with The Tree Collective Consciousness 

*photo by Chris Barnard 

Wherever you are, God is.

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“If at any point in your journey, you decide to “get off” or “step away”- have no fear- I am with you. If you ever lose faith, question my presence, doubt yourself or get lost in your thoughts- I am with you. Every time you wonder how things are possible, why they exist and why is there so much pain- understand – it is not as it appears. There is more happening, evolving and more opportunities to grow than you are aware of and – I am with you. Trusting in me, is your natural state. It has been eroded through lifetimes of difficult experiences and it is now time for you to lay down the sword that separates, that cuts deep. It is time to heal. Healing and becoming are the two processes you are in now. Trust will surface as you move back into wholeness. Now is the time to love yourself and allow yourself to “be” – I am with you.” in partnership with God

Dedicated to all the courageous, empowered and loving souls who are saying…

Enough is Enough

We hear your voices,
feel your hearts,
see your frustration 
as your anger starts
to tear down walls
that keep you small,
breaking free
from lives forestalled.
Tethered wings
you thought were safe,
unfurl with courage,
rise up with grace. 
You soar above 
the fear and rage,
creating our story
on a blank, new page.
Your actions catalyze 
the love within.
We stand with you
to usher in
a golden age
of peace and joy.
God’s gift to us
that you deploy.

“I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth. 
I know how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. 
You are free.” Melchezidek through Paul Selig

*photo by Meg Jenson

Today you dream, tomorrow you play.

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is a good day to dream. Allow yourself to escape and fly though the realms within your imagination. The many doorways that await you, to escape the mundane and learn to see the magic and wonder. They are always available but hidden under your thoughts, perspectives- hidden in plain sight. Open your heart to adventure, to the unknown and when you do, it seeks you out. It finds you, plays with you and together you get to explore all the many aspects, facets of you. You get to expand outside the limits you have placed on yourself. Let go of staying “safe”, feeling “safe” and understand that what you attract can always be worked with, within your boundaries of being. You can expand those boundaries to attract new experiences. No longer playing in a small playground but opening yourself to live larger, be larger. Today you dream, tomorrow you play.” in partnership with Mother Mary