The great deceiver Fear,
whispers in our ear…
“they are wrong, we are right,
time to put up a good fight.”
Judgement swells as rifts appear,
we stand for something, it seems so clear.
Beliefs become our God of choice,
the weapon yielded is our loud, proud voice.
Separation, wide and deep,
grows daily keeping us asleep.
In the dark, afraid of a breach,
our mind keeps truth beyond our reach.

The great healer Love,
whispers in our ear…
“they are worthy and so are we,
time to allow us all to be.”
Compassion flows through every heart,
mending the pain holding us apart.
We come together, united we pray.
Differences dissolve and float away.
When all illusion fades in light,
the God within stands true and bright.
As One, we silence Fear’s false tales
and rise in peace as Love prevails.

*photo by Kyle Glenn

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