Discerning truth

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we will discuss the ability to discern truth. There will be a lot of information streaming in now and not all of it will be based in truth. Truth is the foundation of the Kingdom and it keeps everything stable and solid. It bounds us with a collective knowledge that feeds the soul and guides us forward. We all depend on this foundation to base our knowing on and it is paramount in the days ahead to discern whether someone is speaking the truth. The best way to know is to go within and check with your intuition. This is your guide and one that will never fail you if you learn how to access and use it. When you receive information that creates an uncomfortableness then shut your eyes, take a few breaths and check in with yourself. Are you uneasy? What is your body trying to tell you? Are you hearing any messages from your heart? Do not count solely on your mind. It does not have all the appropriate tools for discernment, bring your heart and body into the equation. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the information you can ask questions and your Higher Self & your guides will offer you the necessary feedback to help you understand better what is truly being communicated. Trust in yourselves and your intuitive abilities. As you practice discernment, you will grow proficient and it will not take you long when you hear untruths to recognize them for what they are.”God

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