Growth, opportunities and love

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear Ones, this is Yeshua and I welcome you into a new year of major growth, opportunities and love. This year will be helping to bring you into your true essence. To allow the divinity within each one to guide and lead you to your new lives. That part of you that knows who you truly are will become louder, more present until soon you will “be” all that you are. When that time comes, you will finally understand the depth of your existence, not only in this lifetime but your many lifetimes. So, know that when you become who you truly are, all will become clearer as your path forward will unfold in Divine timing and with all the support you need. Trust in us, trust in God and trust in your Higher Self. We are all working together in perfect harmony. Be at peace within and allow your life to be in ease & grace. As you step into your mastery each one will bring their special gifts and abilities to the whole. Celebrate each one and embrace your differences- that will be what creates the most magical experiences. Be open to everything that presents and welcome in the new. Let go of the old conditioning and your old stories & history and start a new chapter. Let this one be written with love, kindness and compassion woven throughout. And as each page turns, let the story unfold with God’s grace. You are all infinitely loved.” Yeshua

What are you feeling?

Everything begins with a feeling. As you become more aware of your inner landscape and you learn to navigate all the different waves of emotions, you become the master of your life. Once you acknowledge, honour and release the feelings that do not serve you, you are free to move into the next moment, unencumbered, choosing the feeling you wish to express. This is how you create your experiences. It starts with unconditionally accepting yourself and offering compassionate care to every aspect of your being that needs soothing and attention. Aligning with your heart’s intuitive wisdom and allowing it to lead, opens you up to the magic and wonder waiting for you. 

Happy New Year

As we move into the energies of 2020…

May we fully embrace our true authentic expressions.

May we step into our power & mastery with humility and grace trusting divine unfoldment. 

May we stay present in each perfect moment aligned with our hearts and choose love above all else. 

May we feel grateful, forever blessed and at peace within ourselves & with each other. 

And may we come together as One with kindness and compassion.

Oh my! I almost forgot…may we all have FUN!

Exciting times

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is one that is given with both care & consideration to where you are all standing perched to enter a New Year and it’s sublime energies. You are all excited to see what will develop both in yourselves and the greater whole. This excitement is a beautiful way to embrace the unknown and will serve to help navigate these strong flows of energy that are downloading for all of you. There is much to be excited for and each day will bring about new shifts and experiences that in the long run will determine your lives. There is ease to the flow but it is always moving forward and upwards- like the wind at your back, helping you along, nudging you & at times, showing you the way. Trust in this and allow the natural laws of the Universe to work with you. Bring/call to yourself what it is that you wish to experience. Hold your focus/gaze on all the things that you desire and then let go. Allow us to partner with you and bring to you the opportunities that are for your highest & best. This synergy is creation. Your desire and the best for all creates a circumstance that always benefits the whole. This is what 2020 is all about. Success, achievement, will  be measured not by any individual gauge but in the effect of how much light is produced.   And it is not about “doing” but about bringing your beingness into a frequency that aligns you with the energies you most resonate with. These pockets of beautiful light will expand, radiate and envelop your world allowing it to shine bright. Everyone will benefit, will lift, will “be” their highest vibration possible. You are loved. Always.”God