I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today our message is one of remembrance. This remembrance is dear to you because it brings you back to the Source of all things. It brings you home. When you allow yourselves to move into this feeling, this idea of coming home, your heart opens to welcome you in. This is the resting place before you fully integrate into your Oneness. As you move into your hearts you allow the process of braiding your small self with your True Divine self. This is, of course, a choice you make to surrender to Divine will and to move back to where you are all One. This is your remembrance. This time you are in is bringing you back to a place where you remember who and what you truly are. And that is a beautiful & grand place to be in.You have all chosen to be here and to help bring humanity to the next level and place in its/ your evolution. So for now, rest in your hearts, allow the process to bring you home and know that each one of you is worthy of this. We are waiting to greet and welcome you.”🙏

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