Accepting our Divine inheritance

I wrote the poem below after I received this beautiful message that I now offer you with love. We are being welcomed home.

“Welcome home. Welcome to the kingdom, your true inheritance, the garden, my heart. Once here, you have moved back into the wholeness of your being. There is no going back unless you choose to descend the ladder of fear. You are in Grace and Grace enables you to be as you truly are. You create the background and inner landscape of your experience. All is safe here to explore, you have the freedom to create from your heart & mind and build within the Kingdom your own manifestations. They add to the whole and expand out your energetic signature stamp on the energies at play. It will take a little getting used to and the need to integrate your abilities will also take some time. But that is what you signed up for, to experience the beautiful unfolding of you. You are all blooming into your full beauty. Feel the spark inside of you, the warmth/warm glow that spreads throughout your heart. Breathing in love and joy will stoke the flame at anytime. It is your essence, eternal life force, the piece of me that was gifted to you. You are cherished, beloved and held in high esteem. You are forever blessed and you are home.” in partnership with God

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