Exploring the new

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“As you sit warm and cozy in your home and you look out the window to an unfriendly world, we will say this to you- move off your couch and explore the new that is peeking out, beginning to grow, laying down its roots. This new growth is where your attention should be in order to nurture and love it into creation. These seeds are the garden and as they grow, it expands the horizon of your purview. You are no longer seeing the view out your window but a world view that is inclusive and unifying. The singular, familiar image is replaced with multiple landscapes, a wider perspective that includes many facets, colours and tones of expression. Your world becomes an interesting exchange of the old falling away to the new being built. As this process continues down the road less travelled, more and more people show up walking beside you until you are all walking together, breaking new ground, exploring, pioneering and leading the way for the ones who follow. This can be done through hard work or you can allow your many helpers to carry some of the load and it can begin to flow with the grace of God, the ease of surrender. Allow the helping hand, receive all the gifts that are available to you and appreciate the precious moment you stand in.” in partnership with Melchezidek

*photo by Denys Nevozhai

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