A higher purview

Upside down
and inside out
my thoughts go round
and round with doubt.
I do not know
the reasons why.
What’s it about?
I pry and pry.

To get it out,
to understand,
fear will have
to drop my hand.
Questions roam 
around my mind.
The answers are 
not there to find.
Am I separate 
from the One above?
Am I even truly loved?

I’m tired of 
rolling in the muck
I give permission 
to get unstuck.
To look at life
from a higher view,
I need to have 
a new purview.

Heart aligns,
frustration releases.
Listening intently,
intuition increases.
My worth
shines through 
the fog of doubt.
Self-love blooms,
expanding out.
As faith and trust
inner discord 
begins to clear.

answered in 
my True Self’s voice.
Hearing the words,
this is a choice.
Allowing myself 
to experience the joy
of knowing who I am 
and why.
The God within
helps me to see
that every moment
is made to be
exactly what 
I need for me
to learn and grow

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