A peaceful, loving world

I offer this message with love from my heart to yours.

“We come today to offer a hand and a loving gesture to soothe your frayed nerves, broken hearts and distressed minds. These tumultuous and energetically intense times can be challenging. Have no fear. Understand that as your day plays out before you, you have opportunities (in smaller ways) that reflect the world at large. Each time you meet conflict and rise above it, see it compassionately, you are becoming the presence that heals and lifts. You are each playing out in your lives similar versions of the grand stage. Find within all you wish to see and know, that each time you choose higher, take someone other than yourself into consideration, you show the collective the way forward. And then the world mirrors that back to you. So heed any opportunity that presents. Be the peaceful and loving example and show how with conscious awareness the world may also become peaceful and loving.” in partnership with the Arcturians

*photo by Louise Knight-Gibson

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