A simple smile

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we bring you a message that is woven with the beautiful frequencies of love and self-care, the New Moon energies. We would like to add to this healing blend, a dash of joy and a pinch of fun. SMILE your way into the next moment. Allow yourself to feel the beautiful relief a smile gives you. You cannot stay grumpy if you are smiling. You cannot stay anxious and in your mind if you are smiling from your heart. This gift that is always within you is the easiest way to move into a calm, accepting place of contentment. A simple smile can make everything seem manageable. All of a sudden, you can breathe, look at things in a brighter, clearer way. Feel that the clouds will pass and the sun will shine. If you take the moment, the opportunity, and bring a smile to your face, the one you are with can also feel the simple joy you are imparting. The one before you can also move into balance & alignment and they too can smile. In that moment, a beautiful agreement is made- “we are all right.” We are going to be o.k. because we are together, trusting and in response to the joy we are creating. And from there everything and anything is possible.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Vinit Vispute

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