Accessing intuition

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“For some of you, intuition is very easy to access but for others it can be challenging. When you are in your mind a lot and not receiving the cues & messages from either your heart or higher self, there can be a crossing of lines, so to speak. Your mind is telling you one thing while your gut is speaking another language. There are many ways your intuition is being brought to you, through your body, your chakras, your causal body, your energy field and your higher self. To integrate all this information you must be present, aware & alert, not solely in your mind. Every part of you must be working together. When this happens, all the cues are easily understood and a clear vision appears. This is your “knowing”. There is never a question attached to it just an understanding of the next step forward. When this happens you are clear thinking, calm and aware that you are operating at a higher level and you generally trust the movement forward. It is not tentative but a wholehearted approach or decision. Generally, this happens once in awhile but you are now moving into the energies that support this way of being. More & more of you will start accessing and living from your intuitive wisdom rather than your mind and this will bring about much needed change. The most helpful way to stay within your intuitive senses is to be in the present moment, relaxed, open and connected to what is happening, what is being said and how you are feeling. It is through your feelings that the messages can start coming in. Always check in with yourself and trust that you have everything you need to understand and to move forward in any given moment. Your higher self is always leading the way if you allow it to  be so.” God

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  1. I so appreciate you laying this wisdom out so clearly. I also appreciate the huge commitment it takes to be able to receive and communicate this so beautifully. Thank you!

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