Being in our heart temple

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we have come together, voices raised in unison to invite you to Shamballa.. Shamballa is in a higher vibrational dimension and it is waiting for you to walk through the gates so we can welcome you into its field of Oneness. These can be metaphors if you are finding this hard to imagine. Shambhala can be seen as your heart, the heart of One, where every heart is joined and where the collective meets to discuss the way forward. You can spend time each day within your heart, a brilliant temple filled with Divine light and love. We are waiting there to embrace you each and welcome you back into the garden. The seeds you are planting are being nourished by the whole. We are watering them and watching over them as they grow strong and sturdy. They will support your well-being and you will be able to rely on their healing abilities/powers. Once you can trust in your welfare you can move on to creating more from this strong foundation. We are beside you, walking, working and partnering with you. Understand that as you rise vibrationally, the landscape changes and you will find yourself in places that at first might seem foreign. Over time, a feeling of home will replace this and you will no longer feel like a visitor/stranger but a member of God’s family, the family of One.” in partnership with Archangel Michael

*photo by hao chen

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