Breathing, eating, drinking

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Greetings Loved Ones, We have come today to share some energies that will help uplift you during these trying times. Even though you have known yourselves through more challenging circumstances, these times you find yourselves in are stressful and draining. We have come to share some helpful tips so that you can best manage your energetic selves. These are only our suggestions and should not take precedence over your own intuitive knowing.

   On the firsthand, you may wish to breathe in a slower and deeper manner than you have. This allows your breath to synchronize your systems and this calms you down beautifully. This conscious breathwork is especially helpful when you use a four second inhale and a four second exhale. If you do this simple exercise two to three times a day in five minute intervals you will  change how you breathe completely and this will make a big difference in your lives and in your well-being.

   The second tip we have for you is about the food you eat. It is important to listen to your bodies and to allow it to tell you what you need for nourishment. This will change from day to day and if you have a set agenda as to what you will or won’t eat you hinder your body’s full expression. So at any given moment check in with yourself and see if there is anything you “feel” like eating. Spend a couple of days trying this out and see whether you notice a difference in your energy levels.

    The next step is important to do considering all the energies that are coming in for you to receive and integrate. It is necessary that you maintain your level of hydration. This is different for each of you. But all of you need to pay special attention to the amount of water you consume. You are mainly made up of water and the energies do burn through your systems, drying out and at times making brittle. So, try to be aware and drink more often throughout your day. Allow the water or fluid to be blessed and set an intention that while drinking you are being supported in your well-being. Envision this precious liquid spreading throughout your body being absorbed and healing every cell.

    These three steps of awareness and action will benefit you greatly during these times. You are all evolving with these energies and your bodies are adapting as you go. You will each intuit the necessary guidelines that your individual bodies will need to follow as you move further into your evolution. Your bodies are beautiful machines that harbour your soul fragment. As you become the Monad your body turns into a vessel that will move through different dimensions and realms. Your physical experience on Earth will change dramatically so it is your job to learn how to give your form the best possible care available to you. These three steps are a good start. May your journey be lit with love, peace and well-being.” in partnership with the Pleiadians

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