Leading with my heart.

As I pull a comforting blanket over my mind, I allow my mind to relax, to quiet and to be still. I assure it that when the time comes and I need its fine qualities of focus and problem solving, I will call upon it. But for NOW, I will lead with my HEART. I will FEEL each moment and experience the beauty that is before me. I will be open, accepting and in expression of my true essence. My heart will show me the way. It will lead with compassion and LOVE. It will connect me with the whole of my being and the WHOLE beingness.

Love is…

Seeing the one before you with unconditional acceptance. Allowing them their expression without judgement and knowing that they are not separate from you no matter how it looks or feels.

Honouring the Divinity within them.

Love is being the safe place where your light will always illumine their magnificence.

Ask. Accept. Allow.

Being in a state of surrender and asking the universe for help provides an open space of possibility. Acceptance creates the ease that allows us to receive the now moment with an open heart and clear mind.