I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is the day where everything can change. All things can change, evolve into something “other”. You have the capability/capacity to create change by seeing the possibility of the “new”. The rebirthing of something into something else. When you realize you have the power to bring about a metamorphosis within and without all things, it allows for the new to be brought into the world. Through your acknowledgement and desire for change, the world around you can blossom into a new way of being/ of existing. The old responses and history playing over can stop and play a new song into existence. It can happen daily and with frequency when you begin to know that you are co-creators. The ones determining outcomes by deciding what already is. When you finally focus on the way you would like to live and start trusting in your ability to have it, a new world will be born. Faith in your knowing, faith in God and faith in humanity will lead you forward into a time where love does conquer all.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel

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