Channeled wisdom

I asked for a message that encourages us to commune, connect and channel any wisdom/energies that are for the highest good of all. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We join with you today by you reaching out and wanting to connect. We come always in love and we are grateful for your time and desire for communion. When you reach for us, our ability to connect is greater. You have made a conscious effort and in so doing, the lines of communication are stronger, more efficient and allows the energies to stream to and through better. Know that when you sit, pick up a pen to paper and ask Archangel Gabriel to guide your words, you are opening a portal for us to enter. You are allowing wisdom to flow in and then you can commune with not only our words but our energies. Through your still mind, open heart and care of connection, we meet as One. Know that this is available to all who wish to connect and commune. Call upon us and understand that the messages/energies coming through should always be loving, kind, supportive and for the highest good of all. We do indeed partner with you as you are the conduit, the grand receiver of what we have to gift/bless you with. Thank you. You are loved. You are all loved.” 

   It took a long time to trust and not doubt.  I continue to struggle with silencing a mind that tells me what I am writing does not make sense. Over the years, I have received a couple of messages that did not resonate. Discernment is an important requirement for channeling. All messages from higher beings are loving, inclusive and do not pander to your ego. My messages flow through in five to seven minutes.    This is my experience. Everyone is different.  There are many intuitives that teach channeling: ie: Shelley Young, Daniel Scranton and Lee Harris. *photo by Janet Kahanek

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