Choosing joy

I asked Yeshua for his wisdom last night. And this is what I received…

“Joy brings everything into Grace. God does not want you struggling, doing it “right” but instead- fun & laughter, wonder, curiosity, surprise and delight are the energies that ignite the flame within. When you play, enjoy yourself and laugh, your light disperses and radiates forth. It is what uplifts and brings in pleasure. No matter where you are, what you are doing, you can do it with pleasure and grace. Ease is then experienced because brightness attracts the same and struggle turns into a victory lap- hands held high and a feeling of accomplishment through grace. When your head is down, figuring it out and judging your actions, resistance falls into place like rusty metal. To be in flow, one must allow creativity to enter and be received. Joy brings you into an open field of potential. 

I then ask …”How do we stay in joy?”

Joy is in the moment.  Feel it… the warmth of the coffee, the comfortable chair, free time, a good dinner. When you turn your mind and heart to the things that bring you joy, it floods into your life and sweeps you away into the sea of love. Find joy and you will have found peace.” 

 Although this message is not new for me, I seem to need a reminder every so often that in each moment, I may choose joy. To see everything with appreciation and a heart filled with gratitude. That is where my joy is. Whether it is a person, place or thing, I can just enJOY being. I open up to grace joyfully and allow divine will to lead the way. Thank you, Yeshua🙏

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