Choosing to see with love

Is your world 
a frightening place
or is it filled
with loving grace?

Do you rage
with voices raised
or do you find
the one to praise?

Do you judge 
what’s right and wrong
or do you accept
each expression 

Do you react 
when triggers felt
or do you breathe
to let it out?

Do you shield 
against the pain
or do you open
to wisdom gained?

Do you live
inside your mind
or do you allow
a heart that’s kind?

Do you want 
to live in strife
or do you want 
a peaceful life?

These are choices 
you make each day,
do you want to 
struggle or play?

You can choose
to lower or lift.
You can choose 
to take or gift.
You can choose
the octave above. 
You can choose 
to see with love.

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