Commune, receive, expand

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Thank you for calling on us. We welcome the mingling of your beautiful energy with ours. As we sit together we can enjoy each other’s company. There are times when words are not necessary. The gift of a teaching or wisdom can be transferred in a moment by the immediate connection that combines with and allows for the messages to flow in. This is done not through the corridors of your mind but through your heart and other higher senses. So, let us be together. Open yourself up to us and accept the love we have to pour in. As you welcome it, it gifts to you the blessing of communion. When you move outside yourselves and into Oneness, you expand to receive so much more. You are not limiting and staying small but you expand into the energies that surround us. And you are vast. As you expand out, your field moves into alignment with more of the All That Is.  And as you join together, allowing yourself to receive greater blessings of Divine energy, that in turn, begins to empower the inner workings of your individual field. This allows for congruency and it allows you to expand more. The more you receive, the more you become. You are the only ones limiting yourselves. So sit with us, invite us in, commune & receive and then expand into the vast, precious, eternal light that you are. As you shine so does the rest of the world. Light up your life as brightly and widely as possible.” in partnership with the Arcturians

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