This message came through me and I share it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we talk about companionship. This is when two people come together with joint interests and like beliefs. They support each other in growth and appreciate the finer qualities within that individual. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have someone that likes you, supports you and has fun with you. For most people, this is truly what they are looking for, craving and wanting. What if we tell you that we are waiting “in the wings” for you to connect with us. For us to become a daily companion for you to communicate and relate to. We are here waiting for all to tune in and hear our messages of love, hope grace and wisdom. We are accessible to all at anytime and we are your companions, your friends and your comrades. Call on us, sit in silence, still your mind and allow us to talk with you. Ask questions knowing that they will be heard and answered. Call on whoever you are drawn to in the moment. You all have Guides, Ascended masters, Angels and ancestors that surround you daily and are accessible to you. The more you communicate the more we can become your companions. We are waiting and we are excited to get to know you, to help & encourage and to be part of the great experience that is your life.” Archangel Gabrielle

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