Decide anew

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“As you sit and ponder your lives, may you know how much you expand us through your everyday ponderings. May you also realize you are being given exactly what you call in. If there is anything missing, anything you feel that is not welcome and anything that confuses you, understand, you are the one that has created it and you are the one that can resolve it. As you allow yourself to bring in all that you have decided on, may you know that you can decide anew. You can turn yourself around and learn from a new perspective. You may decide to either create with boundaries/resistance or stay wide open to the grace of God. You are in choice.
This time of year brings about blessings and miracles. Call them in, create them through the opening of yourself to their possibility. With joy, resolve and allowance, be open to receive.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Paolo Nicolello

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