Dedicated to all the courageous, empowered and loving souls who are saying…

Enough is Enough

We hear your voices,
feel your hearts,
see your frustration 
as your anger starts
to tear down walls
that keep you small,
breaking free
from lives forestalled.
Tethered wings
you thought were safe,
unfurl with courage,
rise up with grace. 
You soar above 
the fear and rage,
creating our story
on a blank, new page.
Your actions catalyze 
the love within.
We stand with you
to usher in
a golden age
of peace and joy.
God’s gift to us
that you deploy.

“I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth. 
I know how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. 
You are free.” Melchezidek through Paul Selig

*photo by Meg Jenson

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