Digging deep

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“The message I am about to relate is given through the joy shared between all souls here and beyond. We are ONE in every way and as you move together in realization to the truth of who you are, many great and wonderful things will begin to occur. At first, you will notice these blessings in your everyday life, synchronicities, opportunities, even perceived difficulties, all will play out as you walk together into unknown territory within your evolution. These times you are in, support you and are there to allow your growth unhindered as it was in the past. Nothing, no-thing can stop you now. As you all manage your lives the best you can, the experiences you have will grow incrementally to support your inner development. Nothing is wasted. All is being used to either teach, release, learn from, expand or simply “be” in the vibration of a feeling or thought you have chosen. Understand that nothing is being “done to you”. Instead see yourself moving through places of experiences in order to express the deepest recesses of your being. Yes, you are digging deep and this excavation will continue until all is seen so it can no longer affect you and determine your responses. You may see anew, a fresh way, a clear perspective without the “old” fogging up your lens. Be patient and meet each moment with gratitude for the time will come when you can rest and be in your knowing that all is Divine.” in partnership with Archangel Michael.

*photo by dylan nolte

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