Empowered presence

Past disappointments,
feeling let down,
expectations unmet,
face in a frown.
Life seen as struggle
make plans fall apart.
You question your choices
until you start 
to hear the voice 
within your heart 
that says to you,
“you know what to do”.

this wisdom, 
it bubbles up.
Words of grace
that help you face
you deemed as wrong.
As you listen, 
intuition strong,
the fear subsides,
you move along.

Sadness felt
quickly dissolves.
Empowered thought 
brings your resolve.
are cast aside, 
taken in stride.
You become 
the one you seek,
no longer small 
or seen as weak.
Healing happens, 
you are complete.

Happy, free
and in your knowing,
you start to see,
your worth is not a novelty 
but yours to embrace joyfully.

The love within 
is reflected out.
Relationships grow
like seeds that sprout.
Learning and laughing,
the day is fun,
opportunities happen,
the game is won/one.
Life is a playground,
your family is there,
in the field of potential, 
true expressions are shared.

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