I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We gather today to offer our blessings and good tidings/goodwill. This old statement encapsulates all the goodness of community. Well wishes for joy, health and prosperity, wrapped up in a handshake, a greeting or a hug. This allows one to embrace their neighbour’s goodwill and celebrate with them all the blessings each family has. There is no jealousy or envy and no one is judging another. There is no better than or less than. A value is not put on a person outside of them being a member of the community, the township. “All who live here, all who reside within these boundaries are treated well, respected and cared for.” This goodwill is easier to accomplish on a smaller scale where everyone might look the same, speak the same language, believe in the same things. But when the area is bigger and more differences prevail then  it gets harder to find a coherent and comfortable greeting. Everyone acknowledges their community members differently and sometimes differences outdo similarities. But all of this is on the surface, when you dig deeper, wishing someone joy, health, prosperity and blessing them with the grace of community, will always be received by the heart. You will always feel at home when you receive or bless another with goodwill/good tidings.” partnership with the Dragon Collective

*photo by mauro maro

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