Happy Heart Day

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Love is an energy that infuses all beings/all things. It is divine essence and it spills forth like a golden liquid moving into the spaces between matter, embodying all potential and being gifted through your hearts. Your hearts are the messengers, bringing this beautiful essence home to you- like an umbilical cord attaching you to God. It is in this union that all are nourished with divine grace. As you drink it in, you remember the time when you were all held in love, suspended and protected within this golden fluid. You can remember this by simply moving into your hearts and opening up to the connection you naturally, inherently have to Source. Being held is where your home is and this is a state of being, not a place, not even a feeling but a knowing that you are always loved, seen and honoured for who you are. You are special, not in ways that determine worth, you are already worthy, but in ways, that support your beautiful, unique signature that expands, enlivens and elevates us all. You are precious beyond measure, each one seen as who you truly are, children of God, light-bringers and loved eternally. Remember this- in every moment you are loved.” 

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