This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Healing occurs both in the mind centre and within all the systems throughout your body. Acknowledging you have the ability to heal is paramount for the process to begin. There must be a release from the choice to learn through suffering/illness and a surrendering into the knowing of your true Divine perfection. You are all more than capable of complete healing and when you accept this way of being the process of healing begins. You must allow yourselves to let go of your controlling and limiting thoughts in order to fully access the intuitive wisdom within you. This wisdom will always lead you on the path of wellbeing and perfect health if you so choose. It always comes down to your acceptance and acknowledgement of your Divine birthright. It is your true heritage to be pure light & love and that translates in the physical realm as a strong body, clear mind and pure energy field.  Your choice to experience this reality is one that can manifest with ease if you can surrender to me and allow us to help heal you through Divine intervention. It starts with your desire to work alongside us towards your optimum health. Trust in us and decide to take the path of least resistance. Receive and allow the energies to move through you and when you do, you will be able to discern an uptick in your wellbeing. It is with great love that we wish to lessen your suffering and bring you into a state of Grace, the true essence of who and what you are.”with love, always, God

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