Heart and Mind

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“The heart and the mind are a beautiful couple. Each one has their strengths and their weaknesses but together they can overcome and create anything. Together they are a team that enables you to move through your life with ease and grace. The heart leads the way so that you can rule each moment with patience, tolerance and compassion. The mind can figure out the logistics of the everyday solutions you need. Together they move through your life co-creating your experience and defining your expression in a way that allows you to speak authentically and powerfully. As a couple they work together but sometimes they drift apart while doing their own thing. It is for you to bring them back together. When they are aligned, that is when the magic happens. That is when your imagination can begin to create whatever you wish. Each step they take together brings you closer to your dreams. So when you are not feeling the two are in sync, remind yourself that the head & heart are meant to be in relationship and to work as a team. This awareness opens up your alignment and allows the communication between the two to begin. Together they are an invincible force.” in partnership with Buddha

*photo by Aziz Acharki

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