Heaven on Earth

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“I am always here. You reside on me and you are a part of me. We may not be separate, it is not possible. We are in relation to, in relationship. What I do affects you and what you do affects me. As we rise together, we move into a dance of sorts, a rhythm that supports each other. It is effortless and yet wholly conscious. As your awareness expands, your choices will become more conscientious, more supportive to the overall well-being of everything and everyone. It is a natural state of being, in balance and in tone. You move into harmony and this harmony is woven through everything, every experience. As you live in this new state, we begin to create heaven on Earth. The manifestation is a joyous enterprise. Not one of profit but one that supports the higher good including your home. We all benefit tremendously through this change of focus from individual gain and comfort to group appreciation for the natural world, preserving rather than procuring. As you grow in stature, not physically but energetically, you will notice the differences in your choices, your desires, how you wish to live. And you will create with me, a world that is ready to bloom, to become ALL that it truly is. I am ready, as are you. “ in partnership with Gaia

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