Home is where the heart is

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“ Dear Ones, you are on your way home. This is a gift, a blessing and a time to rejoice. Each moment you move closer to letting go of the shackles that tether you, the thoughts that keep you small and separate, the old stories that no longer exist. As you move into the knowingness of who you truly are, you come home to a place where you are celebrated and loved unconditionally for the brilliant lights you are. You hold everything inside this beautiful light and as you allow it to radiate out, you will see the effect it has on the world at large. As you allow yourself to expand, you shine brighter. When you stop dimming your precious light for fear of being seen, misunderstood or pushed away and finally become free to be the true light that you are, you will have arrived home. And home is where the heart is. Come back into your hearts, into the centre of your being, connect with me, your true essence, the divine spark, the infinite you. Know that in each moment when you stand before a precipice, all you need do is fly, you have wings, remember that everything you need you already have. It is time to let go, release what was and in so doing the new unfolds before you. Welcome home.” in partnership with God

*photo by Benjamin Davies

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