I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is about honesty and how you bring more of this rare form of communication into your life. Honesty is the true expression of your heart and soul. It is where you are able to express yourself without the filter of cultural/societal norms. Where you can express your deepest feelings in a way that allows you to free the tethers of right or wrong, good or bad – the judgements of the mind. This is a rarity because occasionally in the past, dire circumstances arose when honesty was spoken. From this, you have learned, as a collective, to limit your expression. But the day has come to step into the light of your full expression and to share more of yourself with others. This ensures that the conversation becomes more authentic and it encourages people to step forward as well, sharing aspects of themselves that they would normally have hidden at other times. This flow of truthful/authentic communication is freedom. Freedom to be who you truly are without filtering your feelings and your expression. The more you practice honesty, the more comfortable you will get with the vulnerability you feel while doing it. And the more vulnerable you become the more other people will come forward showing their vulnerability and sooner than you can imagine – the world becomes an honest and caring place, a soft place to lay your head down at night knowing that you are loved, supported and safe.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Jeremy Yap

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