Honouring you

Moving away from right or wrong,
good or bad, you don’t belong.

Choosing to see in a loving way,
a hand extended, kinder words we say.
Allowing, accepting with softer eyes, 
compassionate hearts can hear your cries.

Tears of remembrance washing away 
layers of tarnish and mountains of clay. 
And underneath, there lies a spark
if given a chance can illumine the dark.

Witnessing the divine within,
brings knowing glances that let us in,
to the precious place where you reside.
There you sit, too willing to hide.

Safe to be who you truly are,
stepping into the light, you shine like a star.
Singing with feeling, we cherish your song.
As you perform, we sing along.
With a standing ovation, you take a bow,
you are living your life, there’s no stopping you now. 

You make us brighter, you make us strong,
your expression is worthy, you do belong.
Together we are the one true note
on wings of joy and hearts that float.

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