In harmony

“Dear Loved Ones, Today’s message follows the heart to a place that is free and One with the Almighty God. It is your true inheritance to sit in this moment and realize your beauty and your magnificence as master beings of light. It is this moment that strums the heartstrings and plays the one note that is all that is.

You are like beautiful notes on a piano played alongside each other, an eternal song that is your birthright and creates all that you see before you. As you bear witness to your world, you send out a response, a melody either in resonance or in dissonance. When you are in harmony the landscape before you adjusts to the outpicturing you are sending it through your notes/ tone. When you are in a high octave, you see the beauty of your creations, when you are in the lower octaves, you see what that creates and then you get to experience your creations. One is not better than the other, it is all opportunity to grow, expand and learn. As you move up the piano and learn to play in the higher octaves you will notice a difference in how you feel and this not only changes your perspective but also changes how others feel and see you. You become the example and you become the change. As each one lifts, the world plays alongside you and harmony is created and experienced. So, as you move through your days, notice what note you are playing and broadcasting and if you desire to shift to a higher octave, allow your True Self to play the note for you. Surrender and sing the song you are through your heart. Your hearts will come together in harmony and with each passing day the song/note of God will ring out louder and louder.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Joshua Hoehne

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