Love your perfect imperfections

Our true expression is to unconditionally love and accept all the many aspects of ourselves and others. We have learned to judge and shame. It is time to allow, bless and love ourselves back into wholeness. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“You sit today wondering whether you are good or bad, relevant or not and whether you may comprehend the totality of your experience. You are judging certain aspects of yourself. You are scrunching your eyes closed so as not to see these characteristics that you deem unattractive. BUT what if we tell you that there is no unattractive, good or bad or even relevant aspects- there is only YOU. All of you is necessary to make up the very essence that is the eternal, infinite expression of the Divine. All of you serves you and the whole. To experience everything, to understand the infinite range of you is to indeed love these aspects and appreciate their capacity to expand your very presence. Don’t you know- you cannot be limited. It is not possible. When you try to subdue, repress or ignore a part of you, it will always backfire. It cannot stay down, unseen, shamed or guilted into silence/hidden. It will eventually appear, head held high, attacking your senses until it is acknowledged, allowed, appreciated and then loved back into you. So, you might as well accept these perfect imperfections. Stop judging them and start appreciating the ultimate gift they give you to know yourself- ALL of YOU.” in partnership with Yeshua

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