My gift to myself

I am so excited…

for all the beautiful opportunities that are coming my way. For all the beautiful souls that are entering my life and for all the travel that I will embark on. For all the abundance to flow in. For all my abilities which will develop in Divine timing. For all the beauty that I will witness. For the connection to my soul guides, angels and to the Creator. For my writing/speaking to like hearted souls. For all the time I will have in meditation. For moving completely out of old stories into the perfection of who and what I am. For living in the 5D. For being able to listen coherently. To stop doubting myself and to trust in my own heart’s wisdom. To believe in myself entirely. To stop caring what others think say or do. To stay in the moment, present, in appreciation and awe. To see the magic around me and to be magic. To radiate love to myself and others effortlessly and always. To connect with Mother Gaia and celebrate her. To being out in Nature communing with trees, water, crystals, the sun, moon and the animals

  To be one with God and develop my relationship with Source. To love and care for my body. To have fun. To be light.To smile, enjoy, let go and soar!

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