Opening our hearts

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s dream is in the opening of our hearts and allowing our family in. Accepting them lovingly, welcoming them, making them comfortable, warm and cozy next to the fire that burns bright within. That is where you stand now, this point/juncture of welcoming in or shutting out. As both the host and the guest, what do you wish to experience and from what perspective? Will you invite, ignore or shame?  You make your choice in each moment. Choose wisely, choose from your heart and see if more invitations are extended that way. Be conscious and aware of your thoughts as they are the energetic doorway to your home. What you are thinking either beckons or repels. Once you are in this awareness, you can allow your many helpers to set up and organize the event that you are hosting or invited to. Allowing yourself to be led through your heart vision is an easier and more grace-full way to experience the many events that you will be attending. So, whether you are a guest or a hostess, appreciate the festivities and enjoy the friendship, kinship that radiates from a gathering of hearts that love one another and support each other in whatever way necessary. Making your guests comfortable and providing nourishment is a blessing.”  in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by LeeAnn Cline

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