Our life story

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today spells a fabulous day. It exerts itself, sparkles away the dust that has accumulated throughout your systems both collectively and individually. Today allows you to show up curious to how each moment plays out as the mystery of your script unfolds. You are authors penning your many storylines, erasing the ones that you have rethought and discovering new plots and twists that you are wishing to experience. All very exciting especially since the language you are using is adapting. Every part of your communication is changing, developing and enhancing how you interact with yourself and others. Every word being written through form is being rewritten by spirit. All is upgrading to a new perspective and one that allows you to witness your unfoldment with more grace. As you open yourself up and allow your full expression to come through, you will see how each of you adds your voice/feelings/thoughts to the greater whole. Your part in OUR expansion becomes the role of this lifetime. Your life is inclusive to the WHOLE story and as you understand this you will begin to acknowledge/account for others in your storylines. You will consider their well-being and you all will learn to be in this beautiful story together, helping one another along while you play, grow and become your True Selves.” in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Hannah Jacobson

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