Our Tree partners

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we stand before you tall and proud, for we are bringing our message/wisdom to you. We thank you for calling on us and we are here, both in presence and stature to gift the world our way. We stand for courage, truth, God’s plan and the protection of the environment/Earth. We stay in balance and we breathe our essence into the world so that you can breathe and learn balance, harmony and truth – the ways to live together and to respect all beings, all life. We ground/root/anchor in these life-sustaining energies that are being sent and created through your evolution. We work alongside you. We are not just something to look at and appreciate. We are your partners, as we are all “life”. When seen as such, we could work miracles together. We can heal each other, teach each other and share the gifts that each one has to offer. But first, humanity must acknowledge our role, support us and protect us. It is paramount that balance, care, respect is given to your environment. Once you see us as partners, we can then create a world sustainable, abundant, beauty full and in harmony/balance. From there, the environment will begin to look after you.” in partnership with The Tree Collective Consciousness 

*photo by Chris Barnard 

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