Partnering with the Golden Dragons

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love. 

“We are available, at anytime, to offer our love, support & energies to bring you into a state of wholeness and unconditional love. We are your allies, your friends and we choose to bring you these gifts as a way of empowering your own fields so that you can move more easily into the next level/vibration/dimension. You are seeking this whether your awareness is on it or not. You are all moving & shifting, rising and in some cases dipping but always adapting/changing to the circumstances that are presenting and your experience in it. As you witness this in yourselves you will move more consciously in the direction you desire and we are here to help guide you in a way that allows ease. If you choose to call upon us, you can rest assure that you will be supported with the wisdom & courage available to meet it, experience it, learn from it and shift through it as the masters you are. We strengthen all that is already so. We are your friends and when the time comes that you wish/choose to meet us, we will always be delighted. Thank you for calling on us. We are here for you.” in partnership with the Golden Dragons

*photo by Md Mahdi

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