See the day before you as a Divine blessing

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“These times are a Divine blessing. Each moment you stand in is exactly perfect for your growth and evolution. As you move into your mastery, you recognize the landscape that you see before you as your creation. This allows the interchange of energies and you become a single breath, a single heartbeat that brings you into the fullness and depth of each experience. If you do not see yourself as separate but as the one in expression then your opportunity/gift within the moment presents. There are so many blessings waiting to be given and received. Accept your true inheritance of Oneship, of knowing that each of you are beautiful, perfect aspects of the Whole. You may surprise yourself and move into a space that is so loving that you float through your day no matter what shows up. Allow, allow, allow the ease of Grace to uplift you and support you in your journey forward.” in partnership with God
*photo by Timon Studler

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