Shifting from “I” to “We”

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We are all being gifted by the energies available to humanity at this time. We are all lifting and expanding with each high choice that is being made. Each time you choose love over separation, WE are blessed. Each time you shine brighter instead of dimming your light, WE are blessed. Notice how you are feeling as you read these words. Notice how you are feeling when you acknowledge that the “whole” is being blessed through your actions. The choice of including the ALL and not only your separate agenda and expectations can bring you into a state of peace and contentment. You have aligned your choices to the highest good of all. This inclusion, this feeling of unity, lifts us even more. Together we hold the higher frequencies and together we shine brighter. As you move through your days/life and notice your shift of perspective from “I” to “We”, you will also note how different you feel. It might get easier, you struggle less, you feel more joy in each moment. Your life opens up to new potentials and the expectations you once held are released to the new that is entering. Understand that the choices you are making, make a difference not just in your life but in all life. You are the masters. You create your reality, you choose your experience and you have free will. You can use these gifts of being to uplift and inspire. With awareness, you will see that with each high choice of love, peace, harmony and joy, your way forward and the paths of others will be more in ease and grace.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Hannah Busing

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