So much is happening within and without

Try to be patient and loving with yourself and others.
Trust. The Collective has chosen. We are ascending. 

“I know who you are in truth. 
  I know what you are in truth.
  I know how you serve in truth.
  You are free. You are free. You are free.”
                  Melchezidek through Paul Selig

We are rising from…

Fear to Love
Sleeping to Awakened
Control to Surrender
Small Self to Divine Self
Separation to Wholeness
Lower to Higher vibration
Compliance to Empowerment
Illusion to Truth
Judgement to Acceptance
Scarcity to Abundance
Conflict to Peace
Apathy to Responsibility
Denial to Faith and Trust
Mind to Heart
Thinking to Knowing 
Information to Wisdom
Doing to Being
Linear time to Eternal moment
Isolation to Connection
Ignorance to Awareness
Repression to Feeling
Resistance to Flow
Unworthiness to Receptivity
Enslavement to Freedom
Victim to Master
Frustration to Patience
Conformity to Authenticity 
Individual gain to Collective benefit
Shame to Self-love
Discrimination to Compassion
Aggression to Tolerance
Personal will to Divine will
Indifference to Kindness
Reaction to Response
Singularity to Singular plurality 
Greed to Generosity
History to The Unknown
Role-playing to True Expression 
Limited to Infinite potentiality
Contraction to Expansion
Suffering to Ease
Agenda to Allowance
Blocked to Boundless Creativity 
Dis-ease to Well-being
Entitlement to Gratitude
Conquerors to Stewards of Gaia
Success (financial) to Growth (experience)
Governance to Sovereignty 
and so much more

*photo by Alex Shute

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