Starts with love and ends with love

I had wanted a better understanding of forgiveness. This is the wisdom I received from my Trueself. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Forgiveness is a total/complete experience. It is a full circle that always starts with love and ends with love. No matter where you are on the journey (in relationship to), it is the truth of who and what we are that guides you to the realization, there is no “other”. That everything within our world is intertwined, woven together so that we can dance with an experience/opportunity. The dance is the communication, both physical and mental, and the emotional fallout that arises with each encounter. We are always in relationship with and yet this is an internal and external experience. Once we fully understand the dance, we can begin to lead. Leading is not controlling, it is flowing together, moving in sync and creating a beautiful partnership that loves and honours each step. Forgiveness is understanding that you might have had your feet stepped on, missed a beat or strained  a muscle but the dance you were in was an experience of two. You both showed up, came together and started moving. Let go of the stories and the ideas of right and wrong and just appreciate the opportunity to dance with a partner.”
my Trueself

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