The idea of happiness

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is a good day to ponder the idea of happiness. This seems to be what everyone is striving for, the end goal of a life well lived. But really, how does one define happiness? Each person has their own set of agenda that determines what makes them feel good, what lifts them up and what brings them forward in joy.  So, as we look at each other, we are looking at them with eyes that are shielded by the truth of who and what they are. We are looking through a distorted idea of what they should do, say, think because we are trying to shape them into our package so that we can “feel good, be happy” with them. And the ones that do not conform to this idea of our wellbeing, are pushed away and seen as unworthy of our time & attention. But what if we did not have any set idea of what “being happy” is? What if whatever we were feeling in the moment is what creates our wellbeing? So, if you are angry or sad, you don’t view this as a bad day but a time to go within and offer love and care to yourself. An opportunity to understand what might be going on within yourself. A time for reflection and then a release so that you can choose another feeling, consciously, heartfully aware of the desire to “feel” a different way. Would this not be a little easier? To just allow yourself to”be” without judgement of whether it is good or bad? Feeling “happy” can be limiting if that is the only experience you want. Embrace the full spectrum of emotions. It will help you understand yourselves and others more.” with love and care, Yeshua

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