The Power Within

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Your power flows within and projects out into the external field of manifestation. This continuum allows for all that is for your highest growth and expansion to develop in divine timing. It allows you to surrender the reins of control & manipulation, expectations & agenda and gives everything up to God. Through this power and intention, your life literally flows into the moment, attracting to you the many opportunities for your growth. The eternal you is calling the shots and as you show up curious and wide-eyed, you will be shown the way forward through the lessons that add to your evolution. This infinite expansion of divine light is who you truly are. It shows up and shines regardless of circumstances and in this brilliant Illumination, blessings are gifted and received. A never-ending flow that gives to you what you need to lead you forward. As you receive these guiding presents/presence of unimaginable synchronicities, gifts of joy, your life becomes the ever-evolving  story of you, the divine you, the one in authentic expression and the one that is a blessing to us all. Accept the ease of surrender and allow the grace that flows through you to bring you into the true beauty and magnificence of you.” 

*photo by Jared Erondu

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