They have a right to be, as do you

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“You are expecting things/feelings to be a certain way in order to make sense of it. But everything changes, transforms, lifts or drops, nothing stays the same, no one stays the same. You are looking to understand yourself and where you stand with these significant people in your life. And you think if you figure it out- you have solved the puzzle of you. The tangle of emotions and thoughts will magically unravel and behold- you will see the truth. But the truth of what? If you can stop trying to understand and be whatever you are in the moment, allowing yourself, accepting yourself without resistance, then you will move to the next, choosing anew from a perspective that has been shaped but not decided upon. You can let go of the feeling you had and allow yourself a new experience and different expression. You then are responsive and not reactive. Stop trying to understand. Truly allow and be in full receipt. From there you are to choose which direction/ feeling/thought/action you want to express.    Love is in witness to, in allowance and acceptance of…they have a right to be, as do you.“ in partnership with God

*photo by Domingo Alvarez E

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