Transformation, growth and exploration

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“This message floats- the words landing on the perfect spots ready to receive them. Each word gracing you with love and acceptance. 
Seeing you in your full beauty and mastery, we come today to bear witness to your unfoldment, your blossoming and becoming. Each time you transform your inner landscape, shift the mountains, the fields & valleys, you show yourself a new route/growth that you are seeking at a level that is higher, more advanced than what your adventure has taken you on thus far. You never know where the next step, turn of a corner, road or steep hill is until you get there. All of these many ways of travel help determine where indeed you are going. This might have been roughly laid out/planned before the journey began but you are now in an experience that is entirely new, never before lived and enjoyed. Where you all stand now is at a place that leads to all places. Nothing is unattainable, all you need do is venture forth. Do so with trust that you have all the tools necessary to achieve and enjoy your journey. You are ready to shift the inner landscapes and find the outer ones mirroring to you the exploration you are choosing to experience. You are adventurers and you are carving out new terrain so that maps can be drawn for the ones who follow.”

*photo by Sebastien Gabriel

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